MinneWebCon 2009

I had the privilege yesterday to attend MinneWebCon 2009 (external link), a conference for web developers held at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities. MinneWebCon was my first web-development conference and I quite liked it! Most of the speakers seemed to be from the Twin-Cities area and most of the attendees worked for the University. Nonetheless, the sessions were informative and interesting, particularly the two keynotes.

You can read about the conference's presentations on the MinneWebCon website (external link). Presumably, some of the slide shows will become available there. I have found links to a few of them already:

With the growth of Twitter in the last few years, it might also be interesting to take a look at the tweets made during the conference (external link). It was certainly interesting and fun following Twitter during the conference itself. I even picked up a few new followers to my Twitter account!

Overall, the conference was fantastic and I hope that I get to attend next year! I would recommend attending MinneWebCon to any web developers who live in Minnesota!


  • Looks interesting. I've been looking around for stuff like that near me and the best one I can find is Future of Web Design which is in London. No way I can afford that one yet though razz

    Posted by Matt Oakes (external link) on Wed 8 Apr 2009 at 4:08