TextMate Theme for Web Developers

For those of you using the popular code editor TextMate (external link), I have come across a great theme that is geared towards web developers. Zachary Johnson (external link) has developed a TextMate theme just for web development that assigns specific highlighting and colouring to each web technology (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP). Most web documents contain a mixture of code, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, Textmate does not naturally handle this scenario of multiple code types in one document very well. This is where Zachary's theme comes into play.

Screenshot of Zachary\'s TextMate theme

Zachary's theme (external link) assigns specific colouring to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, using subtle background colouring to discretely differentiate each code type. This colouring allows for web developers to quickly distinguish code types and makes better use of syntax highlighting for web development.

Screenshot of better colour preferences

Also, if you don't like the particular colouring Zachary has chosen, his setup makes it fairly nontrivial to change them. Each colour value in TextMate's preferences, when using this theme, is assigned a sensible label. As you can see in the image above, it is not very difficult to figure out which colour applies to what. If you've played around with TextMate's normal colouring preferences, you will realise what a benefit this simplified, no-nonsense setup is.

If you don't use PHP, don't worry because generic syntax highlighting will be applied to most other programming languages, such as Ruby or Python.

This TextMate theme is free and is only a few-click setup too! I highly recommend this theme to any web developers using TextMate. It certainly is better than the default themes included with TextMate and most of the other themes I have tried personally.