Sitepoint Bushfire Relief Sale

Sitepoint (external link) is one of the largest web development communities on the Internet. As well as publishing many articles and blogs on their website, they also offer full books about web development. They are based in Melbourne, Australia.

As you probably have heard, there are fires making their way through Australia (external link) that are claiming lives and destroying entire towns.

To help support the people affected by the fires, Sitepoint is having a massive sale on their PDF books. You can, for the next 3 days (until 13th February), buy 5 books from them and only pay for 1. That means you get about $150 worth of books and only pay $30 for them. Sitepoint will donate 100% of this money to the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal (external link). That means that if you spend $30, they will donate $30 to the charity appeal. Their goal is to make $50,000 for the appeal in the next 3 days.

Take a look at the sale website (external link) to buy your books. As well as making a massive savings on some great books, you will also help out people in need!


  • I've just brought my five books. They are:

    - Build Your Own AJAX Web Applications

    - Deliver First Class Web Sites: 101 Essential Checklists

    - The Art & Science Of JavaScript

    - Simply Rails 2

    - The Principles Of Successful Freelancing

    I also got a free video about AJAX which is done by Kevin Yank which was a nice little extra.

    As a quick update they broke there target in less than 24 hours (they got $75,000 in 24 hours) and are now aiming for $100,000 in the next 2 days.

    Posted by Matt Oakes (external link) on Wed 11 Feb 2009 at 9:09