Stack Overflow

Screenshot of Stack Overflow

On the forums, Eugene (laserlight) pointed out a new website called Stack Overflow (external link) that is gaining some momentum in the development world. Stack Overflow is a "collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers". Personally, it reminds me of Digg with wiki capabilities, but geared towards programming. The site works by someone asking a programming question, people answer that question, other people revise the posted answers, and then people vote on that question. It sounds kind of complex, but the system allows for "good" questions to make it to the front page and for people to collaboratively answer them.

I know that most people don't want to subscribe to yet another programming-related website, but this might be a good one to bookmark. I'm subscribed to the question feed, so that if I see an interesting question/topic in the feed I can head over to the website. Overall, Stack Overflow is an interesting concept for a website and I hope that it stays afloat in the vast sea of development websites.