Review: New Macbook

My new Macbook on my desk

Last week, to my extreme excitement, my brand-spanking new Macbook arrived on my doorstep. Since I am attending university this fall, I had to get rid of my iMac because it is simply too large to lug back and forth between Florida and Minnesota. I could have just used my old iBook, but it is slow and outdated, so I opted to purchase a new Macbook and get rid of both my iMac and iBook. Other than the more portable form factor, the Macbooks nowadays are also faster and have better general specs than my old iMac.

The Macbook\'s raised keyboard

Disregarding my lighter wallet, I love my new Macbook! For one, it is speedy, but also the glossy screen displays colours really nice and the screen is even brighter than my iMac’s screen. I also like the new keyboard style because it is more tactile, but particularly because it cannot get cat hair all inside it. My cat basically follows me everywhere, so my other keyboards have always been covered in cat hair, but my Macbook’s keyboard is cat hair free!

OSX Leopard is nice as well, of course. The overall refresh in design is nice, particularly the revised Dock and the translucent Menu Bar (which previously I thought I wouldn’t like). The new Stacks feature is also cool looking, but the functionality is questionable. I haven’t made much use of Spaces or the updated Front Row, but I have actually made use of the faster Dashboard. Also, I purchased iWork ’08 with the Macbook, but I have not had much time to experiment with the new features.

It is nice to have everything setup on my new Macbook, including my documents, music, code, etc. Macbooks are very nice laptops and priced reasonably for the specs. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good, quality laptop.