Opera Mini on the iPhone

Opera Mini on the iPhone

When you search for "opera mini iphone (external link)" on Google, you get tons of results arguing why Opera Mini is better than the iPhone's Safari web browser. Now, with the introduction of third-party applications for the iPhone, my question is: when will Opera Mini (external link) be on the iPhone? Opera's codebase is suppose to be easy to adapt to new platforms, according to Opera Software, as we see with Opera on the Wii for example. I seriously hope that Opera Software is planning on releasing a version of Opera Mini for the iPhone, but I would understand if they decided against it, considering the iPhone has a capable browser already.

My main issue with the iPhone's browser is that it will not display a mobile stylesheet, asserting that it has to display the "real" web. The iPhone is a mobile device and there is simply no way of denying it. Opera Mini simply better handles the Internet for mobile devices, especially with the excellent rendering of websites for small screens without having to constantly zoom in and out. Plus, with the iPhone's touch-screen, Opera Mini would be really easy to navigate and to use.

Basically, I have seen a number of arguments online about why Opera Mini is better than the iPhone's Safari browser, but I would personally just like to see Opera Mini on the iPhone!


  • I do like Opera Mini and use it over my phones pre-installed web browser. Then again, I do have a N73 with a rubbish web browser. I would be interesting to see how Opera Mini compares with Safari on an iphone

    Posted by Tom (external link) on Mon 28 Jul 2008 at 19:19

  • Opera Mini is written in Java and iPhone apps are written in C++ (I think). That isn't an easy move really.

    It would be more likely to see the full Opera Mobile 9.5 ported to the iPhone as they have developed that with touchscreens in mind. I've no idea what that's written in though, not sure if it's an easy enough port or not.

    Posted by Matt Oakes (external link) on Sun 3 Aug 2008 at 9:31