Improving Your Online Productivity: Instapaper [2]

In the first part in this series, I showed you Google Reader. This time around I'm going to show you another useful, simple online application: Instapaper (external link). Instapaper is a way of saving a page that you want to read later. For example, if you are browsing a news website and see an article that you want to read, but simply don't have time to read it right then, you can save it to Instapaper and read it later. You don't have to worry about keeping tabs open or about saving pages to your bookmarks.

To add pages to Instapaper, you simply need to add a little button to your toolbar by dragging it from the website and onto your toolbar. When you click on this button, a window will pop up saying that the page has been saved and then it will close itself. Fast and effective.

When a page is saved, it is added to your Instapaper page, which gives you two lists: Unread and Recently Read. Very simple and easy to understand. Once you click on an unread page, you are redirected to the page you saved and the page is moved to your Recently Read list.

I love this website for its simplicity and for the speed at which you can add pages to your list. It's a bit like, but without all the social parts - which I don't personally want nor need - and a lot simpler.