8 Useful CSS Techniques

Sitepoint just recently published a new article about some cool CSS techniques: Tomorrow's CSS Today: 8 Techniques They Don't Want You To Know (external link). Overall, the article presents some documentation on various CSS selectors and goodies that you might find interesting. Not all of them have great browser support, but the article shows examples of how they degrade peacefully in non-supported browsers. Personally, I wish the attribute selectors of CSS worked across browsers as they would be extremely useful for so many things. For example, on Lowter, we place a small arrow icon next to links leaving the website, but we have to assign these links a CSS class to do so. We could do it much easier using attribute selectors, but browser support for them is extremely poor. Oh well, perhaps it will improve in the future. Until then, this article presents a lot of nice things that should eventually be more usable. It is a good read nonetheless.



  • Half of the sites I visit wouldn't work properly in IE6. =P

    Posted by Frans (external link) on Thu 10 Apr 2008 at 8:50