Cool Mac Setups

I always enjoy looking at expensive and/or organised computer setups that I can only dream about having. Generally, I quite prefer the simple, elegant setups with few peripherals and a nice desk. Macs, in my opinion, tend to lend themselves to a more elegant setup, although I am sure a well-designed PC could do the same.

These three setups are my most favourite Mac setups. They are simple, functional, and elegant - exactly what I like in a computer setup. If anyone else has any cool computer setups they have seen on the Internet, please feel free to post them in the comments section.

Mac setup 1

Credit: Barry Doyon (external link)

Mac setup 2

Credit: Glenn Wosley (external link)

Mac setup 3

Credit: Accolady (external link)

The screen saver seen here in this last setup is Fliqlo (external link), a simple clock screensaver available for OSX and Windows. I quite enjoy using it myself for its functionality and simplicity.