Apple Working on 3D Interface

AppleInsider last week reported about a series of patent filings by Apple detailing a potential 3D interface for Mac OS X. The multidimensional interface features a number of ways to organise windows, applications, and more. Overall, the 3D interface makes an attempt to utilise better the larger monitors available on the market. You can read the original post on AppleInsider (external link) for all of the specific details of the 3D interface.

I've often wondered where interfaces will go next. Graphical interfaces have constantly been improving over the years, but there have been no big strides in coming up with the next big interface. Could this be the next leap in interface design? Probably not, considering Apple has patented a number of interesting interface concepts that we have yet to see used in any products so far. It seems that the computer is inching its way towards touch screens, which I really don't find exciting because touch screens are not nearly as productive as a normal keyboard and mouse. Touch screens work great for some devices, such as mobile phones, but not for computers.

This 3D interface, in my opinion, is an interesting step forward in interface design. I would be interested to see a demo of this and just how it works in action. Another interesting 3D interface (that I'm nearly obligated to mention) is, of course, the BumpTop (external link) physics-based desktop, although its practicality and usefulness is debatable. Nonetheless, I am happy to see a larger company focusing some attention on innovative user interfaces.