SitePoint's New Podcast

Now that the SitePoint Podcast (external link) has gone through three episodes and I have had time to listen to all of them and assess the content, I highly recommend adding the SitePoint Podcast to your listening schedule! There are a lot of good tech podcasts out there (CNET's Buzz Out Loud is my favourite by far), but there are only a handful of good podcasts about web development alone.

WebDevRadio (external link) is the only other web development podcast that I have found informative. Part of the reason I'm not a fan of other web development podcasts is because they are already behind mediocre web development websites. I won't give any names because I don't want to seem too critical. However, SitePoint, in my opinion, is one of the better web development sites on the Internet. Therefore, a podcast by them is already going to be better, especially with the talented Kevin Yank directing the feat.

So far the three episodes have covered:

  • Rich multimedia on the web (Flash, Silverlight, etc.)
  • The Internet and the election
  • Economic impact on the Internet

The hosts of the podcast comprise a rather diverse group (Brad Williams, Patrick O'Keefe, Stephan Segraves, and Kevin Yank), all with rather varying experiences and opinions about web-development topics. It creates for an interesting show.

I don't know why web development has been one of the last fields to branch into podcasting without even a few quality shows, but now we actually have (at least) one. If you like listening to podcasts, I do highly recommend adding the SitePoint Podcast to your listening schedule. Also, if you are just looking for a podcast about technology in general, then I highly recommend CNET's Buzz Out Loud (external link), my favourite podcast.

If anyone else listens to the SitePoint Podcast, please feel free to share your opinions about it in the comments below.


  • I like the Sitepoint poscast, very informative and quite amusing. I've recently found Boags World which is a good web design podcast. Really funny from the 2 epsidoes I've listened to so far.

    I've never listened to Buzz Out Loud but I've never really got on with any american podcast really.

    Posted by Matt Oakes (external link) on Thu 11 Dec 2008 at 12:53