Not Liking the MacBook's New Trackpad

Last weekend I was at the Mall of America with a friend and we went inside the Apple Store. I always make a habit of going to the Apple Store when I am at the Mall of America because it seems that there is always some new Apple gadget I haven't seen in person yet. This time I hadn't seen the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros, so I wanted to stop in and to see them in person.

Wow, the new trackpads suck. The glass part of the trackpad is nice and it certainly looks sleek without the separate button. However, the new clickable trackpad is absolutely awful. I don't see a reason for getting rid of the much-more-functional, separate button. The new clickable trackpad sounds like a good idea on paper, but in practice it just doesn't work well. It also is not as responsive as a normal button.

I don't think the new trackpad will be a deal-breaker for anyone, but I think it certainly will become an annoyance. Apple could improve the new trackpad a lot, primarily by increasing its responsiveness so that it isn't an utter pain to use. I can see how the clickable trackpad evolved - because nowadays many people are fans of the tap-to-click ability of trackpads - but I just don't like the physical button being removed.

Oh well, everything else about the new Apple laptops is pretty sweet. Oh wait ... except the whole FireWire thing...