Opera Mini Never Submitted to Apple

The New York Times' blogger Saul Hansell has reported a clarification about Opera and the iPhone. He went and further questioned Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, Opera's chief executive, about Opera Mini and the iPhone for extra clarity:

Quotation by "Saul Hansell"

He [von Tetzchner] said that the development of the iPhone browser was more an "internal project" of some engineers than a product that management was committed to introducing. Indeed, development was halted after the company looked at the details of the license agreement in Apple's software development kit and realized that it would not be permitted.

Hansell was the one to report originally about Apple rejecting Opera Mini, so I guess he got the story wrong. I figured it would be good to post about this article considering I posted a blog entry about it last week and the topic was brought up in the forums (external link). You can read the clarifying blog post (external link) yourself on New York Times' website.