WordPress' Plugin Platform Rocks!

Many of my client projects have utilised WordPress (external link) as the foundation for each website. This is usually the client's choice because they don't want to pay for an entire custom CMS, no matter how much I push for it (because I find it the best solution in most cases). Hence, I have to find ways to build off of WordPress in order to meet the client's specifications. Luckily, the WordPress development team has made one of the best plugin platforms I have ever worked with.

Creating new plugins and modifying existing plugins for WordPress are extremely easy. There are tons of hooks built into the platform so your code can easily integrate into WordPress without having to modify WordPress' actual source code. Also, there are already hundreds of WordPress plugins that take only a few minutes to install. WordPress' plugin platform and plugin repository make building a customised version of WordPress a snap.

PunBB (external link) 1.3 has a plugin platform similar to that of WordPress, although it is still in development. I cannot wait until an official, stable release of PunBB 1.3 is released, because then I can migrate a lot of the modifications made to Lowter's PunBB installation to plugins. Development of PunBB 1.3 seems to be pretty slow, but it's a huge improvement all around, not just with the plugin platform.

Anyhow, I just wanted to give props to WordPress' great plugin platform! It's made my life a lot easier numerous times!



  • Write up a tutorial, I haven't really looked at the wordpess plugin system.

    I'm interested in how it works more than how to use it, so a bit of theory would be nice (something a lot of other tutorials are missing).

    Posted by -=Hero Doug=- on Sat 1 Nov 2008 at 22:13

  • Well, my friend you've made a great prediction, lol...

    Posted by Ethan Poole (external link) on Sat 1 Nov 2008 at 22:45

  • I have actually been playing around with Habari instead of Wordpress. The plugin system there seems pretty good too. (external link)

    Posted by Eugene Wee on Sun 2 Nov 2008 at 10:33