What Kind of Browser User are You?

Comedic chart expressing the different types of users of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. (external link)

The Choose Opera blog (external link) posted a funny little chart about typical web browser users of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Apple Safari. It is funny, especially the Apple Safari row, but the chart also has a little accuracy in my opinion. IE users are generally either not informed or stubborn about switching to a better browser. Opera users tend to be a little elitist, but only because they're using the better browser (I do use Opera myself). Power users of Apple Safari are almost certainly using it for the "Private Browsing" feature, aka "Porn Mode". The Firefox row has some accuracy, but I think it's unfair to call the obsessed users of Firefox all geeks, because most passionate Opera users are geeks as well. And I don't want to be called a geek by someone else...

Anyhow, the chart is pretty funny. See where you fit into the matrix. I know I personally fit pretty well into the Opera obsessed user cell.


  • I only use Opera because I find the UI intuititive, and I've yet to find another browser that is as usable as Opera. Plus I find it's faster and more stable than other browsers (although Konqueror impressed me recently). Guess that makes me somewhat of an experienced user to an elitist. I'm never too busy to tell someone why IE sucks when I hear the complaint pop up.

    Posted by -=Hero Doug=- on Tue 7 Oct 2008 at 20:45

  • I'm definitely the obsessed Opera user, although I don't really scoff except at IE.

    Posted by Frans (external link) on Thu 9 Oct 2008 at 8:48

  • I use opera all the time but if I don't think people need most of the features in Opera I'll reccomend they use Firefox as it's more like IE and easier for people to switch to.

    Posted by Matt Oakes (external link) on Thu 9 Oct 2008 at 13:50