iPhone Service Updates Only via Phone?

Earlier this month I wanted to update my texting plan on my iPhone, because I had continually been going over my quota each month and it was cheaper just to upgrade my texting plan. I logged into the AT&T website, where with most mobile phones you can easily upgrade your plan and your features online. Oh no, not with the iPhone. I got a message telling me that in order to upgrade my iPhone I had to call their service centre. Granted, the process of upgrading my iPhone via the phone was very smooth and the service representative was very friendly.

I would really like the ability to manage my mobile plan via iTunes. I want to interact as little as possible with AT&T to be honest. However, I at least think, with the whole sort of "high-techness" of the iPhone, I should at least be able to upgrade my mobile plan online. I am not sure if this ability is in the works, but I certainly hope in the future the iPhone can be upgraded online like other AT&T mobile phones.