MacWorld 2008 Speculations

MacWorld, the highly anticipated Apple conference, is set to start tomorrow (Tuesday). As usual, Steve Jobs will give the opening keynote address, which, again as usual, has started up the rumour-mill about Apple's upcoming announcements. Quite a large majority of the speculations are rather far-fetched and are only the crazy dreams of Mac-addicts. Personally, I simply see Apple updating three of their product lines which are in dire need of updates:

Apple TV

I like the concept of the Apple TV, except, as most people would agree, it is missing functionality that would make it a more worth-while product. First, it seriously needs DVR functionality. Simply adding this feature alone would make it a killer product. You could record from your television and sync your recordings between your Apple TV and your computer. Second, another nice feature would be iTunes movie-rentals. Currently, you can only buy movies via iTunes and those are not exactly cheap or good enough quality in my opinion to purchase. However, movie-rentals from iTunes would be cheap enough to justify. With just these two features alone - in addition to the smashing interface from Apple - would make the Apple TV a must-have for the living room.


The Apple laptop line, especially the Macbook, has not had any significant updates for awhile. I do not really have any speculation as to what the updates will be, but I just foresee Apple updating their notebooks in some fashion. Personally, I would like to see lower prices as well.

Cinema Displays

Apple's cinema displays are in serious need of update too. They have not been updated in quite a long time and the gradual price decreases of the current models continually point to Apple releasing a new display line. I would suspect bigger sizes, brighter screens, and perhaps a built-in iSight camera.

Now to sit back and to wait and see what happens! Then, after the announcements are made, I get to wish I had enough money to buy the (most likely) expensive new items. Ah, the joys of MacWorld.