iPhone Craze

With the Apple iPhone hitting stores this Friday (29 June), Apple fans around the world are anxious to get their hands on this new, shiny device. There are already people waiting too (external link)! Never in my life have I seen so much hoopla over a mobile phone.

I am a huge Apple-fanboy; however, I do not see an iPhone in my future with the current outrageous pricing. Overall, I am quite disappointed with the pricing involved with the phone. First, the actual iPhone costs $499 (4GB) or $599 (8GB). Then you are going to have a large monthly fee for service on top of that. With no other mobile providers except AT&T offering the iPhone, they can pretty much charge whatever they want. Goodbye rebates.

The pricing is seriously going to steer many people away from the iPhone. Most people do not have that kind of money to shell-out for a new mobile phone.

Still, I want one really bad.