Cool Opera Feature

After using Opera (external link) for almost two years, I thought that there were no more little features that I had not found. However, I have recently found the single coolest feature so far: dragging tabs outside the Opera window. I do not know if it is just me who has not found this feature; so do not hang me if it is a commonly used one.

This feature is really useful because if you do not have the Opera window maximised then you cannot drag tabbed windows outside the edges of the main browser window. This can be very annoying if you want to watch a streaming Diggnation (external link) video, but you also want to work at the same time. With this feature, I can drag the tab outside the main Opera window and have it sitting on its own, allowing me to work and to watch two grown men get drunk.

To drag a web page outside the main Opera window, all you have to do is drag the tab and drop it somewhere outside of the Opera window. I only know that this feature works in Windows, but it may work on OS X and on Linux versions of Opera as well.

Ethan: In OS X, dragging an Opera tab outside of the Window follows the same functionality of Safari, effectively creating a link file that you can place wherever you please. For example, if you drag a tab outside of the Opera window to your desktop, it creates a link file there. In turn, you can drag that link file back into the Opera window, creating a tab with that link. Opera on Linux (at least on Ubuntu) exhibits the same behaviour as in OS X.

One slight problem that I have isthat I cannot see a way for the window to be made part of the main Opera window again. It is slightly annoying, but not that much of a problem.

Opera continues to surprise me.