Opera 9.2 Released

Today Opera Software (external link) released Opera 9.2, an update to their web browser. In addition to bug and security fixes, the update adds a new feature known as Speed Dial and a handy set of developer tools.

I have played around a bit with the Speed Dial feature and overall I really like it. At first I was skeptical of another feature in Opera, but this one is rather subtle overall. The Speed Dial is seen instead of the blank page/tab that you would normally see. Essentially, it is a quick method to access the sites you visit commonly, with a nice interface. The one nice thing about it is that you see a preview thumbnail of the page, so you can see if the page has changed prior to visiting it. This is useful, for instance, on forums where you can see if any forums are marked for new posts.

The developer tools (external link) look really useful, but I have yet to try them out yet. It certainly looks leaps ahead of what Firefox and Internet Explorer offer.

As for Mac users, there are not many Mac-specific updates. I am still waiting for a more native-like Opera browser for the Mac. Oh well, maybe another day.

In other news, Opera users are the most satisfied (external link), with their browser.