Apple Releases Intel Mac Mini

Earlier last week Apple held a small press event at their corporate headquarters, located in Silicon Valley, California. The event announced that the PowerPC-based Mac Mini was being replaced by an updated, Intel-based replacement. Apple also released HiFi speakers and leather cases for the popular iPod.

The new Mac Mini is about three to five times faster - depending on the model - and contains the new Front Row software. The updated Mac Mini comes in two models, with the lower model containing a Core Solo processor and the higher model containing a Core Duo processor.

Apple has also incorporated a new feature into FrontRow that allows you to stream media - music, movies, and photos - directly from any Macintosh within your network. Apple has said that an update will be offered for existing customers to include this new feature.

In less than sixty days, Apple has updated more than 50% of their product line to the new Intel chips.