Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is suppose to be the next "big thing", which may be more than true. Rails is an open source framework, whose goal is to allow applications to be written in significantly less code. Rails is not a programming language. It is a framework written in Ruby. When you use Rails you are really writing Ruby code, which is then handled by Rails.

Previously, finding good Rails tutorials was a tad hard. They were very few in number. Six months later and Ruby resources are more than plentiful. You can find tutorials, books, applications, and more.

SitePoint has recently hopped onto the Rails bandwagon with a new step-by-step Rails tutorial (external link) and a blog (external link) dedicated to the framework. If you are interested in beginning to use Rails, then I advise you to take a look at both. You should also check out the Rails website (external link), which is packed with good information on the now-popular framework.