Arctic Issue Tracker

Good bug tracking software is hard to come by these days. Most systems cost too much or they are too bloated. Yesterday, Olate (external link) released a new bug tracking utility, Arctic (external link). Arctic is an effective tool to monitor bugs, feature request, to-do items, and more.

Unlike other bug systems, such as Mantis (external link), Arctic does not bother with unnecessary features. You get the bare-bone basics in an extremely easy to use environment. However, with the custom field feature you have the ability to expand need be.

Excited, I gave Arctic a trial run. I downloaded the software and took a few minutes to install it, which was rather simple. I toyed around with the software and then decided to really put it to use. I inputted the few remaining to-do items for Ottoman v2. Overall, the process was extremely easy and intuitive. From my experience, this is the easiest and most effective bug tracker I have ever used.

Arctic is proprietary and comes in two licenses. The free license limits the application to only one project; however, you can download as many free licenses as you desire. The paid license costs $89.99 USD and allows for unlimited projects, with the addition of technical support.

If you simply want to give the system a try then just download the free version. If you decide that you want to continue using Arctic, you can easily upgrade to the paid version without changing but a few files.

It is a bit awkward, but Arctic sort of makes issue tracking fun. Weird, but cool.