Intel Based Macs!

The long anticipated MacWorld Expo 2006 keynote speech is over, and along with it we get a host of updated products from Apple. The major new releases are the Intel-based Macs. Overall, Apple released:

  • An Intel-based Mac laptop, known as the MacBook Pro (external link). This new laptop features an Intel Core Duo, making it four times faster than the previous PowerBook. It also features a built in iSight camera, support for FrontRow and the Apple remote, and a new MagSafe AC adapter.
  • An Intel-based iMac (external link). This updated Mac does not boast any other new features, other than the Intel Core Duo, making it twice as fast as the previous iMac G5 models.
  • A new addition to the iLife Suite, iWeb (external link). iWeb allows users to create quick personal websites using pre-designed Apple templates.

With the start of the long anticipated Intel Macs we can expect the rest of the Macintosh line to soon be converted over.