CSS In HTML Emails

HTML emails are crippled by the lack of standard rendering across the hundreds of email clients, desktop and online. Web designers only have to deal with maybe five web browsers, at the most, but it's ten times worse when designing HTML emails. There is absolutely no standard methods to render HTML emails, and each email client does it differently.

With the lack of HTML support, you'd think that CSS emails would be completely out of the question. Campaign Monitor has published an article about using CSS in HTML emails (external link)

According to this article, basic CSS support is possible in the major email clients. I still have high doubts about the actual support that a CSS power user would see. I think that even if email clients used Internet Explorer to render HTML emails it would open up a new world of possibilities.

So for those who work with HTML emails, or plan to, take a look at this good article to get some insight on future HTML email techniques.