Recovery of Microsoft Internet Explorer

NetApplications (keeping track of stats for an estimate of 40,000 websites) reports that Internet Explorer has somewhat recovered from the never-ending downwards spiral it seemed to be in these last few months. User base was moving away from this browser, which hasn't been updated for years.

Mozilla Firefox's market share became as high as nearly 10%, but now IE strikes back and Firefox's market share has decreased to 8.07% compared to 8.71% in June.

Internet Explorer went from 86.56% to 87.2%. Safari grew a bit towards 2.13%, but Opera (0.49%) and Mozilla SeaMonkey (0.52%) remained constant.

Statistics of this kind are not to be put much worth upon, but it might be that Firefox's update process which now and then simply get rid of your data, gives Firefox the blow. Hopefully this will all be fixed in Firefox 1.5.