I recently came across a very nice collection of utilities for a lot of things you can do on your computer. Personally I find the network related tools most interesting.

For example there is FastCache (external link), which can save the IP of any address you visit for a couple of days in the HOSTS file (which Windows only does for a few seconds). So for sites you visit quite a lot, like Google, Wikipedia (and Lowter? :-) ) you immediatly start connecting to the server which saves almost a second of DNS lookup, providing a definite speed improvement.

Another interesting tool is Netstat Live (external link), which can give you nice statistics about your network connection, like the current up & down speeds, average, total tranferred, well, basically everything which Windows doesn't have easily available for some reason.

If you're interested in the availability of domains, WhoIs Ultra (external link) can almost be considered a neccesity, as it checks the availability of domain names in a GUI ultra-fast.

There are a lot of other very nice tools on the AnalogX (external link) website, so I'd strongly recommend you pay the site a visit and see for yourself.