IE 7 on Windows 2000

We all know that Microsoft was suppose to give full support for Windows 2000 users until 2010, but I'm starting to question that. In a recent post on the IE blog (external link) we find out that Microsoft will not be releasing IE7 for Windows 2000. This has led to huge criticism of Microsoft.

Internet Explorer 7 is suppose to be released for Windows XP, as far as we know. With recent Microsoft actions I'm expecting to see Microsoft's typical marketing method, where they only give updates to the most recent platform, which forces users to upgrade.

In the end the people hurt the most by this action are the web developers. Tons of people are still using Windows 2000, as they see it as a better, more secure platform. Now these people will not have the browser with better standard's support, and web developers will face troubles with their website's coding.

Let's just hope for the best.



  • It depends on the security upgrades. If Microsoft continues on them, people might indeed not upgrade. Otherwise, I think they're simply getting themselves out of the market in favour of Firefox...

    Posted by Frans (external link) on Fri 3 Jun 2005 at 14:48