Cross-Browser to the Extreme

As you browse around the web you come up on many interesting finds, which happens to me quite often. Last week I found (external link), a website full of cross-browser CSS and JavaScript examples.

Every example that I've tried works in Opera, Firefox, and Safari. Generally it will probably work in Internet Explorer too. If you're looking for something interesting to spice up your website then you should look through the library on this website. I'll post more on some of the scripts on the website later this month.


  • Checked out the site, man it is like visiting the PHP site, with all the different reference logs, examples, and documention of everything. Heck, I even checked out the old CBE libraries the guy made, which he said were out of date, but they were awsome too.

    Nice Find!

    Posted by Frank0051 (external link) on Sat 25 Jun 2005 at 6:25