Color Schemes

Designing a web page can prove to be a challenge at first when you have to decide on the perfect color scheme. It can be the most challenging design practice as you have to find the perfect colors. You want colors that are easy going, have good readability, and look great!

Color Generators

True designers have created tools for those of us who are 'Color-Palette-Impaired'. Although there are quite a few effective color generators, I find's (external link) to be the best.

Their color scheme generator allows for a variety of useful options to get millions of great color schemes. I've been using this color generator myself for quite a long time, although it has jumped a few URL's over time.

Good Article - Color for Coders

Internet columnist have also tackled tutorials and explanations on picking a color scheme. The most useful I've found is Color for Coders - Color and Design for the Non-Designer (external link), published by

In the article Jason Beaird addressees three main types of color schemes - analogous, complimentary, and monochromatic. He gives nice explanations and examples of each color scheme type. His article is a nice push from the un-creative programmer into a web designer.