MacWorld Is Coming

The annual MacWorld conference (external link) is coming next month and Apple rumor sites have already began predicting the new products that Apple will release. Some of the more prominent rumors are:

  • An Intel-based iBook, which would feature a 13.3" widescreen.
  • An Intel-based iMac counterpart. It would be identical to the current iMac, but would feature an Intel processor.
  • An Intel-based PowerBook, which would feature a built in iSight camera, much like the one currently featured in the iMac.
  • A digital camera.
  • A DVR upgrade to the Mac Mini.
  • A replacement for the iPod Mini, which would eliminate the iPod Shuffle.
  • An iPod Nano with a 1GB flash drive, eliminating the iPod Shufle.

Conclusively, the easier-to-hope for products would be the Intel-based Macs and a new addition to the iPod family. Many analyst suspect that Apple is aiming to turn the Mac Mini into a home-media center, in which they predict that the Mac Mini may soon feature DVR capabilities and Front Row.

Many of these rumors have been reassured to be valid due to lawsuits filed by Apple against their publishing parties. In many of these lawsuits Apple indirectly hinted toward their validity.

All in all, until MacWorld comes we can only hope and predict what actions Apple will take.