Firefox Plans To Mass Market

For the release of Firefox 1.5, the Mozilla organization is planning a large-scale marketing plan to promote the usage of the open source web browser, Firefox. According to Christopher Beard, the vice-president of products at Mozilla, the mass marketing plans will involve the vast Firefox community, as did Mozilla's original New York Times marketing venture.

Their new marketing plan will have users posting videos of why they like Firefox. Mozilla is also planning to turn into a consumer-orientated website, changing it from its current placeholder page.

On a side note, Firefox 1.5 is projected to officially release on Novemeber 29th, three days from now.


  • There's quite a big of problem when it comes to the users of Firefox. Most of them dont know why they use Firefox, or why it's better. Someone has told someone who told them that FF is better.

    Posted by Karl-Sebastian on Tue 29 Nov 2005 at 0:29