Netscape, You're the Winner!

Hewlett Packard announced on Monday that they will be shipping the Netscape web browser on new consumer PCs and notebooks starting early next year. According to a Netscape representative, users will have the option to chose Netscape 8 as their default browser during computer setup.

Netscape 8 (external link) is a unique web browser that uses two rendering engines - Triton and Gecko. The Triton engine, used in Internet Explorer, is applied to websites that Netscape considers "safe." All other websites are rendered using the Gecko engine, used in Mozilla based web browsers.

This is another step toward less Internet Explorer usage on the web, with more and more standards-compliant web browser usage. Hopefully this is the wakeup call for Microsoft to finally provide better standards-support in Internet Explorer 7.

For more information read the story (external link).