Review: Teach Yourself Java 2 in 24 Hours

This book was a great book to start out with the latest version of Java featuring easy lessons, appendixes, and more.

In 24 Hours

Although this probably doesn't sound true, it is. Each chapter takes up to 1 hour to read, and if you read faster then around a half hour. Most people though don't want to spend a whole day reading, so in 24 hours you probably won't finish the book unless you don't stop reading it for an entire day, which I highly doubt anyone will do.

Appendix B - Using the Java 2 Software Development Kit

This was the most useful part of the whole book in my opinion and well written. Installing the Java 2 SDK can be tricky without skills in Microsoft DOS. Appendix B a step by step tutorial into installing the Java 2 SDK and basic usage of it. It also goes through basic DOS skills to use when compiling and interpreting Java applications or applets.

There are also other appendixes that help you further with Java compilers and interpreters which are worth reading.


The physical content of the book was very useful and could teach anyone Java easily. The book is well written and provides easy explanations for difficult task. Although the book doesn't go deep into any particular subject it gives you the basics of Java and allows you to move on to other branches of Java.

Unlike many books this book didn't have any large mistakes in the code or writing. I was spotting for spelling and grammar errors, but I did test all the code and it works.

Book Layout

This is one part of the book that I liked. The whole layout of the book is great. You can easily go from the beginning to end or just skip to a chapter for review without any trouble. This makes it a good reference book while programming.

Also the physical pages are a nice color with easy to read font and text. The code is easily divided and the pages don't blur out as the Dummies books do. Reading 'Teach Yourself in 24 Hours' books is easy.

The Title

This is one thing that I didn't prefer about the book itself as the title can often confuse anyone new to Java. Examining the Java bookshelf at a local book store you will see books title Java, JavaBeans, Java Swing, etc. which is very misleading when you don't know the terminology. Most people start out with the one that they know, Java, but when you add Java 2 to the shelf it throws people off. Instead of buying Java 2, which they should as it is the latest version of Java, they get Java. It would have been better to title to book Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours.

Teach Yourself Series

After buying the Teach Yourself Java 2 in 24 Hours book I decided to buy another book in the series, Teach Yourself Visual Basic in 24 Hours. Although this book wasn't by the same author it was formatted the same way and another great buy. So far I have ended up reading and buying about 10 books in the Teach Yourself Series and each one has been great. The SAMS publisher chooses good authors and formats their books to be very easy to comprehend. I prefer a SAMS book over any other publisher.

Teach Yourself Java 2 in 24 Hours
Rogers Cadenhead
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