Review: In Easy Steps Series

If you've ever gone looking for a cheap, quality, web related reference manual in your local bookstore you've probably left the bookstore empty handed.

I've been in this scenario numerous times and therefore I set out to find a good reference series for a good price that still maintains quality content. I wasn't looking for a programming bible; I just want a reference manual to quickly look in when I forget something.

After searching around I came upon the In Easy Steps series. What first attracted me was the price, only $9.95! I saw the shelf filled with topics that I was interested in from CSS and JavaScript to Adobe Photoshop and Flash MX. I looked through the books and was amazed: the content quality was still here, the pictures were in full color, and I instantly wanted to buy one.

In Easy Steps

The In Easy Steps series are roughly 200 page books filled with quick, easy tutorials that guide you through simple, computer related processes. The In Easy Steps series contains numerous categories for reference material, ones that may interest the web developer are:

  • Internet and Web Browsers
  • Programming
  • Graphics
  • Databases
  • Operating Systems
  • Web Development

The In Easy Steps books are designed to save you time and guaranteed to give you the best value. The books are superb reference material and at a low cost, perfect for the developer.

Looking At Some Titles

Now with an introduction to the In Easy Steps series, let's look at some titles they have published. For a full list of their published books visit the In Easy Steps website (external link).

Flash MX In Easy Steps cover

Flash MX In Easy Steps

Flash MX is the market leader web animation program. "Flash MX In Easy Steps" provides a step by step reference guide to using Flash MX effectively. With its creative "get it done" method, using quick text and colorful pictures, Flash MX fulfills its purpose as a great guide.

Buy Flash MX In Easy Steps (external link)

PHP 5 In Easy Steps cover

PHP 5 In Easy Steps

"PHP In Easy Steps" is a reference guide to the latest release of the popular scripting language PHP. "PHP In Easy Steps" provides the needed resources and references to begin your journey into PHP. Exciting chapters, with complete code examples, illustrate the major features of the PHP language and screenshots depict the actual output from each example script.

Buy PHP 5 In Easy Steps (external link)

Inside the Books

The In Easy Steps books are filled with quick explanations for practical solutions to development problems. Just flipping through the book you'll see tons of pictures portraying the output of the given code. This "get it done" tutorial method provides a good reference book for any subject.

The full color pictures allow you to see exactly what you would if you were to follow the steps yourself. The chapters are also divided up to teach you the whole subject quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

By using In Easy Steps books you can grasp the knowledge needed to master a variety of subjects. Whether you're out to learn PHP, Photoshop, or XHTML, In Easy Steps will provide a quality guide for you.


Overall I was extremely happy with the In Easy Steps series and have purchased several of their guides. Their "get it done" tutorials provide quick and easy reference material for when I'm programming or designing.