Photoshop: Nova Effect

Do you need a psychedelic image to place on your website? Follow these simple steps to have a creative, colorful nova effect.

1. Start off by creating a new file (500×500 pixels).

2. Go to Filter -> Render -> Clouds.

3. Go to Filter -> Pixelate -> Mezzotint.

4. Now go Filter -> Blur -> Radial Blur.

5. Duplicate the layout two times, so you have three layers (CTRL+J).

6. Now on the layer named "Background" press CTRL+U to give it some color (remember to click "Colorize").

7. Now on the second layer repeat step six. Then go to Filter -> Distort- > Twirl. Set it on 120 and select "Ok." Now repeat this on the third layer, giving it some nice color, and go to Filter -> Distort -> Twirl setting it on -120. Change its "Blending Mode" to "Lighten". And you are done!