Photoshop: Distorted Text

Ever wondered how to make your text more customized? Here is one way of making text fit in with its background for your header, signature, or banner. Just plain text on any graphic will appear boring and not fit in at all. Spice things up a little!

1. Start off by creating a new document, any size you prefer. Grab your "Type Tool" and type some text. To make the text look more original you can combine different letters with different colors, similar to below.

2. Open "Blending Options" and add a "Drop Shadow", "Stroke", and "Inner Shadow". Leave the "Drop Shadow" settings as default. Set the "Stroke" to one pixel with the color black (#000000). For the "Inner Shadow" set the distance to zero.

3. Bring up your "Brush Tool" and choose a brush you like, I prefer a hard, round, thirteen pixel brush. Select the mode to "Clear" on the brush, and make sure your "Opacity" and "Flow" are set at 100%.

4. Go to Layer -> Rasterize -> Layer. Start brushing over the text and you'll see that the areas you've brushed over will become erased.

With some creativity you can come up with results like below, just experiment with different brushes!