Photoshop: Advanced Border

Start with making a new image, the size doesn't matter. I'm going to be using 300×300. Now select the "Polygonal Lasso Tool" and draw a square, such as below:

Note: Hold down SHIFT to make perfect lines

After you've completed that, right click and select "Layer Via Cut". Change its name to borders and then go select on the tiny "F" icon (or right click on the layer and go to "Layer Properties").

Then set its "Stroke" to 1 pixel and the color black (#000000):

Then select the "Polygonal Lasso Tool" again. Draw something similar to below:

Now, right click in the selection and select "Layer Via Cut". Name the new layer to "content box". Go back to your old border layer and click that little "F" icon again (or right click on the layer and go to "Layer Properties").

This time choose color overlay. Change the color to a color you prefer, I will be using #D7D7D7. After you have done that, click on the "Bevel and Emboss". Change the size to 0 pixels and leave everything else as default.

Now click on the content box layer, and then click the little "F" icon. Choose color overlay. Pick a color and make it 15% "Opacity" (I'm using the color #8D8D8D). Then click on "Inner Shadow" leaving everything there default. You should now have something like this:

Now it's time to spice up the borders! Grab your "Rectangular Marquee Tool", or "Elliptical Marquee Tool", and start selecting a few areas on the border (see picture below).

Note: Hold down SHIFT to select multiple areas

Right click and select "Layer Via Cut". Then right click on your new layout and select "Delete Layer"! You'e almost done, just go to your "content box" layer and put what want within the border. I'm going to put an image of Joe Johnson and add some brushing! You're now done!

Hope you've learned something from this tutorial!