Grunge Signature Tutorial

Grunge Signatures are very common to see when you surf around on different forums. There are several ways of creating and customizing your very own grunge signature. In this tutorial I will give you the basics of how to create a grunge signature. Afterwards there are several settings that you can mix with, just use your imagination...

1. Start by creating a new document, any size. I used 400×120 pixels.

2. Next go to Filter -> Render -> Clouds:

3. Make a new layer and set your "Foreground Color" to black (#000000).

4. Now bring up your brushes. Choose a brush you like and start to brush all over. Select another brush and create yet a new layer, and brush all over it again. Continue that way until you have about 4-5 layers applied with brushes.

5. Now select your first brushed layer (not the one filled with clouds). Change your "Foreground Color" to white (#FFFFFF) and start brushing a little, but not too much. Continue to brush all the layers that you just brushed with black (#000000). If you want to prevent the background from getting too white you can lower the opacity on the brush you're using (to around 20%).

6. If you want a picture in your grunge signature, you can start to optimize your picture by making it fit correctly into the signature.

7. When you have your picture as you want it, it's time to grab the "Lasso Tool". Set the "Feather" to 20 and start cutting around the image.

After that, you just apply a layer mask (Layer mask icon). If you want the image to blend even better with the background you can lower the "Opacity" a little and even apply a blur (Filter -> Blur -> Blur). Finally set the picture's layer to "Luminosity", to make it the same color as the background.

8. Now it's time to color your grunge signature. But before that, be sure to go to Layer -> Merge Down. This will merge the image layer with another layer, making the whole signature able to be colored. Choose whatever color you like.

9. Now we're mainly done. But I will explain a few more things to make your grunge signature look even nicer. These are - some text and a 3 pixel border.

10. Write the text you want and change it to your desired color. Afterwards, go to Layer -> Layer Styles -> Blending Options. Follow these easy steps: Drop Shadow - leave default, Inner shadow - leave default, Bevel and Emboss - Depth 1%, Size 0 px, Stroke - Size 1px, black (#000000).

11. Now we're going to take the final step, add a 3 pixel border. Start off by making a new layer. Select your entire grunge signature by going to Select -> All. Now go to Edit -> Stroke and change the width to 3 px and the color to black (#000000). Go to Edit -> Stroke again and this time apply a 2 px stroke and change the color you want on the border. Go to Edit -> Stroke a third time and apply a 1 px black border.

Congratulations! You have now created a simple, but yet nice grunge signature!