Ezine Delivery Methods and Tactics

Ezines are becoming more and more popular as content filled websites slowly grow in numbers. In order to provide the most efficient content notification and delivery you have to provide multiple methods for visitors to subscribe to your ezine. As technology advances more delivery methods become available to ezine publishers to deliver content to their readers. Technology so far has only give ezine publishers two main delivery methods: Email and RSS.


RSS is a newsfeed system using XML to syndicate content. Using RSS Readers, subscribers can easily get the newest content right when opening their RSS reading program. Using PHP you can take your content from a MySQL database and generate an RSS feed with ease.


Email is electronic mail. Most of you subscribers will have an email address, therefore providing email as a delivery method would be the most logical advancement you could take to get consistent readers and subscribers.

The average web browser will have an email address, but have no clue what RSS is. Rather than spending hours debating with yourself on whether to have an RSS feed of Email as your delivery method, save yourself time and just do both. A lot of ezine regulars know what an RSS feed is and will expect any good ezine to have one, then some people new to ezines will want the good old fashion email format.

Email Newsletters

Providing a simple Email newsletter to your readers will be a simple step into building a successful ezine.

First, plan out the format of your newsletter. This includes the layout of the articles and content, the columns included, images included, etc. If you know HTML use it to format a nice looking, but browser compliant newsletter layout. Make sure to stick to tables as most email programs don't support CSS formatted emails. If you don't know HTML then it's best to hire someone to format it for you or quickly learn the basics and attempt to do it yourself.

Once you've cleared away the process of planning out you newsletter you need to create the necessary pages for your readers to subscribe to the newsletter. Pages you should consider having are: descriptions about the newsletter, the staff, sample issues, and archived issues. Pages you'll have to have are signup forms. If you don't have a way for readers to subscribe then there is no point in having a newsletter.

You'll also have to consider subscribers with outdated email clients so HTML formatted emails won't show up properly when they go to view it. In order to avoid this problem you need to format your newsletter in HTML and just plain text. Then offer both form of it so all subscribers can view the newsletter properly.

Now with your newsletter setup you only have to market your newsletter and maintain it. Maintaining it is providing fresh new content in each issue, answering questions, and making improvements. Simple ways to market your new newsletter would be putting announcements up on your ezine and posting about it on a few web forums. Once a few people subscribe to it, word-of-mouth will be a large factor in marketing it.

Profit from an Email Newsletter

After your newsletter has grown and you have about 300 subscribers you can earn profit from your newsletter. Methods in earning profit from a newsletter include advertising and sponsoring. The more subscribers you have to your newsletter, the more you can charge for advertising.

You can sell ad space in your newsletter to websites and corporations. In order to maximum revenue you should charge for advertisements per issue of the newsletter. You'll get a wide variety of interesting ads for subscribers to visit.

Keep prices per issue cheap for the first few issues including advertisements, only to get started, then once you begin to have a steady flow of advertisers slowly increase the cost per issue to a more profitable level.

Another method is to have a sponsor for a column included in your newsletter for a specific period of time. For example you have a technology newsletter and a PC building sites wants to sponsor a column in your newsletter for 3 issues. You agree and begin working the column into your newsletter. In your newsletter you'll write a column on PC building and have a link to the sponsor of that column for a time period of 3 months.

The sponsorship method increases revenue and gives variety to your newsletter adding interesting, new content.

RSS Feed

Developing an RSS feed is pretty close to eating pie, very easy. It requires more coding than planning and design as email newsletters do.

First you need to know the basics of what an RSS feed is and the proper format of one. The web is filled with beginner's tutorials on RSS feeds that are good reads to start up your RSS feed.

To have a self-updating RSS feed you'll have to use PHP and MySQL (or another database program and server scripting language) to generate an RSS feed. I haven't been able to uncover many good tutorials on creating and RSS newsfeed with PHP, but some do exist.

Taking an extra step, you should make sure that your RSS code is valid by W3C specifications. You can find a working validator at (external link) Simply type in the exact URL of your RSS feed and make corrections specified by the validator.

Now your done creating your RSS feed. The only step left is to provide a link to the RSS feed on you ezine to allow readers to load the RSS feed location into their RSS Reader. When the user visits the RSS page in his/her RSS program it will trigger the PHP to generate the feed. The feed will self-update depending on the data held in the MySQL database.

Atom Feeds

I won't be going far into Atom Feeds, but Atom Feeds are becoming popular too. They are quite similar to the creation of an RSS feed. If you wish to take the extra step in delivery methods you may want to look into Atom Feeds.


Now with the methods and tactics for delivering your ezine set out you can sit back and watch as slowly your readers grow in numbers and you see you hard work put to a good use.