Best Bits of the Beeb

For all the people who don't come from the UK you may not be familiar with the BBC. Basically it's a TV network that is more of less funded by the given meant via the TV license fees (Everyone who owns a TV pays a small amount that goes toward the running of the BBC). That may seem a little bit harsh but if you have seen any of the TV channels or listened to any of the Radio station you'll be pleased that you are paying to keep them open.

The beeb (As is there nickname) has 7 TV channels (not sure on exactly how many cause they are scattered around Sky and I've never really looked for them), they are:

  • BBC 1 (Anything is shown, The first UK TV channel ever :P)
  • BBC 2 (Anything)
  • BBC 3 (Comedy)
  • BBC 4 (Opera stuff)
  • BBC News 24 (News obviously)
  • CBBC (Kids channel)
  • Cbebies (Baby programs)

Now onto the beeps many radio stations:

  • Radio 1
  • BBC Radio 2
  • BBC Radio 3
  • BBC Radio 4
  • BBC 5 Live
  • BBC xtra
  • BBC Regional stations (Bout 20 of them)

And then we come (finally) to the BBC website (external link).

It's an absolutely massive website and is normally my fist port of call for information for school home work but there is so many uses for it. Here is the run down of my top 10 things to do on the site:

Where I Live

I like this feature as it allows me to look at things going on in my local area. This includes a full 5 day weather forecast and also cinema listings and events going on around me. Its so simple, i just enter my postcode and then it will come up with all the things going on. Little use to people that live outside the UK but then who cares. (external link)

Test Revision

If you've got a test tomorrow this should be the first place you call into. It is split into sections so that you can choose your subject and then what area of that subject you need to revise for your advancing test. There is stuff on all the core subjects (Math, English & science) so you'll be sure to pass your exam. (external link)


Well as you may have guest from the title this is the section for teens to go. It has a boys and a girls section for assorted info for both genders. In the boys stuff there things like battle games, babe wallpapers, Films, babe wallpapers (:P) and message boards. In the girls section there much the same (No babe wallpapers :( :P ). It's good for games and stuff if you are a bit bored. (external link)

News & Sport

The BBC is the best place to go on the web for news and sport (In my opinion). All the big stories have video or audio clips you can listen to on your PC and there is worldwide news not just UK. The sport is always up-to-date and is very easy to find your way around. (external link) (external link)


You your a music lover then you will probably like the radio. Some of the BBC radio stations have the best music you can find on them, and you can access them on the web. The other great bit is you don't have to listen to the live stuff. You can listen to last nights Rock Show instead of the pop music on the live stream, its very nicely done and i do use it a bit. (external link)